3 Benefits of Steel Garage Over Traditional Garage

Installing a garage door on your garage makes the place and your stored items safe and secured. If you’re replacing the old garage or adding a new one should be considered so you don’t have to regret at the end. When you think of a garage, the first thing that comes to mind is the one attached to a house, which is wood. However, wood garages don’t provide much security. They are prone to robbery because it can easily be destroyed especially if the people are not in the house.  

Steel Garage 

With the advent of steel garages, people now prefer them over the traditional wood garages. They can’t be blamed because steel garages offer a lot of benefits. What are these benefits, read more to know.  

Added Value 

If you want to save, you don’t have to worry about the cost of a steel garage because they are substantially lower than what you’re going to spend with the traditional wood garages. You will spend a lot more money for building a wood garage as well as maintain them. If you’re a DIY master, you can install a steel garage on your own using the kit you purchased.  


Metal garages become popular because of its customizability and flexibility. The kits allow a homeowner to quickly install the garage in any part of your property, as long as there is a level surface. You can also install the steel garage on an existing structure, like your house. The plans come in different widths and lengths, so it’s cost-effective to add and customize your steel garage which you cannot do with a wood garage. It is also portable, so you can easily locate the garage in another structure.  

Safe and Convenient 

This is probably the best benefit you’re going to get from building a steel garage. Steel garages are convenient and safe. They are weather resistant, so they can stand harsh winter or summer. They come in different gauges which offer more strength against harsh climate in your area. In wood structure, harsh elements will cause it to rot, warp, crack and mold.  

Additionally, steel garages are fire resistant so if a fire happens it will stay inside and not affect your other property. These garages also can be cleaned easily. They only require a mild solution and a pressure washer. With wood structures, you can clean in the same fashion but you still have to apply some sealant to prevent it from mildew or deterioration.  

The steel garage’s color or paint is also designed to withstand elements so you don’t have to repaint over and over again, like you do with wood structures. You will save a lot from maintenance because metal garages can stand on its own.  

So if you want to build a garage for you vehicles or stored items, remember that steel garage doors can offer you with a lot of benefits. If you’re worried about aesthetics, don’t worry because steel garages are also classy and can adapt to your architectural design.

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How to Hire a Plumber for Remodeling Projects 

There are home improvement projects that are meant to do by a professional, especially projects that involve installing a new plumbing system. DIY approaches are becoming popular because of its cost-friendly approach. However, if you don’t have the skills to do it; better leave the job to professionals alone. The question is, how do you hire one? The following are the things that you should do.  

 Hire a Plumber

  1. Ask for Names 

Do not jump into hiring the plumber you see online or those who knocked on your doors asking if you need one. Talk to your family, neighbor and friends who have had a kitchen or bathroom remodeling done recently. Ask for names of contractors or companies, and don’t even forget about their satisfaction regarding the service. Keep in mind that the plumber is not going to do mere repairs, but a remodeling project.  

You don’t need those plumbers who specialize in repairs in their quickie-plumber trucks. You will need someone who can do a solid work, has the credentials and will assist you during the entire project. If you ever need a Honolulu plumber, start asking for referrals.  

  1. Check License 

Like mentioned, a remodeling project needs a solid work so you should hire someone who is capable of doing that work. Check if the company is licensed through checking them in an available licensing website, or better yet ask personally for a license. Having a license means they passed the necessary requirements to remain licensed. You would check more of their expertise about asking the experiences of their past clients.  

  1. Create a Plumbing Plan 

Before you decide to call and hire plumbers, create your plumbing plan first. It doesn’t need to be super detailed, because it’s the plumber’s job to do that. However you should visualize what you want it to be. Plumbers are professionals but it’s not good to sit down with them and draw some plans. They can give you advices but the result should be based on your preferences.  

  1. Ask for an Interview 

There’s no better way to know a plumber than meet him yourself. Before that, you should prepare a list of questions you should ask. Ask him about the hourly rates, which includes the rates for the non-plumbing tasks and other charges; this is important so you can set your budget straight. Ask about their insurance and its coverage, their bond, and other liability insurance. This time is your chance to ask the names of his past clients so you can give them a call.  

  1. Buy Your Own Fixtures 

For the first workdays, you will be busy buying fixtures like toilets, shower, sink and others. Most plumbing companies bought these fixtures for a discounted price if bought together at once. So be smart and buy them on your own if you want to cut down some costs.  

  1. Prepare the Job Site 

Time is gold, time is money. You wouldn’t want the plumber to waste time on preparing the job site, unless you are willing to pay for the charges of non-plumbing tasks.  

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